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Making Comics as my random humor responds. Hope you like it.

Fights On!

When Mr. Bombil (Space Traveler) feels strong enough to challenge a strong space being but things goes little unexpected when he challenges the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Detective Nimbus & Slurry the Serial Killer.

Meet our detective, who is more like a dumb for a detective that being said he tries to catch a serial killer with his own techniques.

Our Comic Strip

Into the wild

Recently I watched a movie named – Into The Wild. The ending was heartbreaking and even worse than it was based on a real event. this movie taught me many things and one of them was that in the end, it’s not a good idea to do something influenced by someone else’s idea, then again it’s just my opinion. Thank you.

100Rs Bet

Have you had a friend who would not let you go after winning a bet in any circumstances literally any in any circumstances! I’ve had great fun making this comic reminding one of my friends hope you can relate to it(lol).

Big Foot

When two baldies decide to search for a mystical creature- Bigfoot. This is a comic strip showing how did they encounter it.

Gods Plan

You know everything works by the “God’s Masterplan” to help us but there are some unique ones even god can’t help them.


If you ever find a “Genie” that can grant you a wish, set your priorities straight, and then make a wish.

Running Resolution

To stay fit one must run regularly and it’s best if you start your run routine in the morning. But one of the hardest parts is to wake up early. At such times, self-affirmations before going to sleep works for you and in our case, it worked a little differently.

Cash lying on the ground

Everybody likes money, especially when we don’t have it, and at such times we tend to have a nice imagination for the things we don’t have. What if you find a bundle of cash just lying on the ground?

Lucky & Unlucky

Sometimes when you feel lucky or unlucky, it’s not necessarily true when you see the big picture.

UFO Sightings

UFO an unidentified flying object”. For a very long time, it’s been an interesting subject for humankind. UFO made us believe the possibilities of alien entities. Such possibilities made our ordinary life an interesting one, An escape from our mundane life. But nowadays this is how we see UFO and react to them.

I made this comic on a notion based on my imagination that someone is always watching me. So I thought I should humor this idea in a comical way.