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Making Comics as our random humor responds. Hope you like it.

Detective Nimbus & Slurry the Serial Killer.

Meet our detective, who is more like a dumb for a detective that being said he tries to catch a serial killer with his own techniques.

Our Comic strip

UFO Sightings

UFO an unidentified flying object”. For a very long time, its been an interesting subject for humankind. UFO made us believe the possibilities of alien entities. Such possibilities made our ordinary life an interesting one, An escape from our mundane life. But nowadays this is how we see UFO and react to it.

Cash lying on the ground

Everybody likes cash, specially when we don’t have one and at such times what if you find a bundle cash just lying on the ground ?

Running Resolution

To stay fit one must run regularly and it’s best if you start your run routine in the morning. But one of the hardest parts is to wake up early. At such times, self-affirmations before going to sleep works for you and in our case, it worked little differently.

Lucky & Unlucky

Sometimes when you feel lucky or unlucky, its not necessarily true when you see a big picture.


Since we have been aware whenever we do things, that we consider private and try to do it privately. We always feel like privacy doesn’t really exist and feel someone is watching me. It’s just our imagination but you can explore it in my comic below.